Bakelite products performance

    Rubber and a lot of sulfur heating made of hard materials, used as electrical insulation materials, but also used to make other daily necessities. In fact, Bakelite is also referred to as a kind of phenolic resin material with wood flour as filler, and the phenolic resin with wood flour is proportionally arranged. As the material of pressed Bakelite (another name of Bakelite) Is the bakelite products or bakelite products,
    Performance characteristics
    Is a hard and brittle thermosetting plastic, commonly known as Bakelite. High mechanical strength, tough wear-resistant, dimensional stability, corrosion resistance, excellent electrical insulation properties.
    Suitable for the production of electrical appliances, instrumentation, insulation parts, can be used under hot and humid conditions. Common bakelite products are: bakelite records, Bakelite hand wheel, handle, handle, handle.